JavaFX features in JDK 9

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Sat Jun 27 15:07:44 UTC 2015

Hi Felix,

Sorry for the delay. Most of us were still pretty focused on 8u60, but 
we are turning our attention to JDK 9 now.

The focus for JDK 9 is Jigsaw. The currently planned big features (JEPs) 
for FX in JDK 9 are these:

JEP 253: Prepare JavaFX UI Controls & CSS APIs for Modularization
JEP 257: Update JavaFX/Media to Newer Version of GStreamer

Related to Jigasw, we intend to look into new API for heavily used 
internal methods / classes since they will no longer be accessible 
otherwise. We also plan to update WebKit at least one more time, and 
will likely do a few RFEs such as better Hi-DPI support (with API 
control) on Mac, Windows, Linux.

We don't currently plan any other big features for 9, but will consider 
additional RFEs if they are important to enough developers and if they 
fit into the time frame.

-- Kevin

Felix Bembrick wrote:
> Anyone got anything or is there a link somewhere that talks about these?
> On 15 June 2015 at 22:00, Felix Bembrick <felix.bembrick at> wrote:
>> I realise we are a long way off JDK 9 still and with crucial features such
>> as Jigsaw still a little up in the air but is it possible someone could
>> itemise the most likely new features, enhancements and bug fixes that we
>> will see in JavaFX when JDK 9 is released?
>> Of course it's purely speculation at this point but it would assist me
>> greatly to have some of idea of where JavaFX is heading and which areas are
>> seen as most important.
>> Thanks,
>> Felix

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