8u40 is released

Benjamin Gudehus hastebrot at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 08:30:47 UTC 2015

> Looks like Gluon is the Trolltech equivalent I just wished
> for - that was fast :-)

I had a similar thought. Honestly this reminds me a bit more to JGoodies
and the tools around it, but with a lot more. Looks good. Hope that Gluon
takes the mobile ports for JavaFX and SceneBuilder to the next level and
allow open-source contributions. Also noticed the support for Material
design on Android.

> If you let me know when you have a public repository, I'll take a look at
> contributing an integration of UpdateFX and CrashFX.

Why don't I know about these projects? They look very useful! :D Maybe I'm
on the wrong communication channels.

> I'm also interested in making it more keyboardable, in particular shortcuts
> for wrapping/unwrapping would be useful and ability to insert controls
> based on an auto complete of the name.

A keyboard shortcuts editor would be nice. I wish I could toggle the left
and right panes with ALT-1 and ALT-2. A IntelliJ-esque action palette to
insert controls would be very nice.


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