Media player maturity (on Mac)

Robert Krüger krueger at
Mon Mar 9 16:31:04 UTC 2015


anyone doing serious work with the media player on the Mac? I am
experimenting and so far I am not getting the impression, this is really
something very solid.

The first Audio-Sample I tried playing plays fine the first time but when I
play it for a second time by either issuing stop() followed by play() or
seek(new Duration(0) and then play, the playback cuts off a few samples at
the start (does not happen when I instantiate a new Player for each time I
want to play it, which does not feel right). You need a suitable audio file
like a drum beat that starts immediately in the file to notice the

If one was to implement simple sample-player-like functionality (not a full
fledged music sequencer but something that allows timed playback to arrange
sounds on a timeline a bit) in JavaFX, should Mediaplayer be the tool to
use or do I have to use native APIs? Last time I checked JavaSound, it was
still an abandoned toy usable only for educational purposes but not for
anything else. Don't know if that has changed or if this is even the Audio
strategy for JFX.

Would be great if someone could share experience/opinions in this area.

Thanks in advance,


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