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David Hill David.Hill at
Wed Mar 11 16:36:21 UTC 2015

On 3/9/15, 5:00 AM, Chris Newland wrote:
> Hi all,
> A quick update on this:
> There are a small number of wrinkles before we get OpenJFX building on the
> Adoption group's CloudBees system so I've put together a Debian-based VPS
> server that is producing nightly OpenJFX builds for Linux amd64 and
> armv6hf.
> It updates from  and pulls the
> latest crosslibs dependencies before building so it's the bleeding edge of
> the OpenJFX codebase.
    I forgot to blast this out to the group:

gradle openZip

which is part of
gradle zip
gradle all
at least in the open builds.

This target was added a month or so ago, and I just fixed  something in in, that meant it was not showing up in openZip properly.

This target builds a bundle in ./builds/[platform-]bundles/

The contents include jfxrt.jar which has been filtered in a similar fashion to the JFX product, removing some stuff that is not appropriate to a given platform. (Yes that means Monocle on non-arm platforms). The logic is pretty straight forward - ie Windows classes don't show up on a non-windows platform.

The resulting bundle *should* be able to be deployed by just unpacking it over a JDK, which is intended to simplify matters.


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