on armv6hf?

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On Tue, 17 Mar 2015 00:27:53 +0100, Kevin Rushforth  
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> Unlikely without help from the community, given that FX itself is no  
> longer supported on linux-arm. We currently have no plan to add such  
> support.

Quite annoying stuff. BTW, I've just read

It's quite curious. I've just ordered a Raspberry Pi 2 and was planning  
about writing a media center prototype with some ideas in mind. In the  
past years I did lots of stuff with imaging and media, and was with Swing.  
I struggled with tons of incomplete features in the imaging and movie  
APIs, lots of additional libraries in order to have a decent modern UI  
(with animations and such), because Java didn't offer them out of the box.  
In the end I quit because it was frustrating to always be forced to fix  
something at the basics level. I mean, I just wanted to focus on the  
application. Now, fast forward some years and we have that Java FX, with  
bells and whistles. I supposed I could at last enjoy writing an app on the  
RPI without worrying about missing, incomplete, partially unsupported  
stuff, but I was wrong. It seems that no matter Sun or Oracle, there's a  
sort of curse preventing the Java ecosystem to fully work on the reference  
rich UI hardware.

Sorry for the rant, nothing against people of course, but that's just my  
feelings at the moment.

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