OpenJFX mirror at BitBucket?

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Tue Mar 17 21:55:51 UTC 2015

There was a mirror, but it was unofficial and one-way (OpenJDK -> 
BitBucket). I believe (although my memory may be failing me) that it was 
operated by Danno, so he might have more to say.

In regards to fork / pull-request vs patch-file, I have no arguments 
there. Of course, OpenJFX is part of the OpenJDK, and therefore makes 
use of the OpenJDK infrastructure. My main point is that any movement 
regarding infrastructure is guided by an over-arching infrastructure 
team, in conjunction with the OpenJDK masters. OpenJFX can't work 
independent of this.

-- Jonathan

On 18/03/2015 10:50 a.m., Florian Brunner wrote:
> Hi,
> AFAIK there is/ was a mirror of OpenJFX at BitBucket.
> I think the URL was, but it's not valid
> anymore.
> Is there still a mirror of OpenJFX at BitBucket?
> A fork/pull-request workflow is state-of-the-art nowadays in software
> development and way better than a patch-file based workflow IMHO.
> It would be great to have such a fork/pull-request workflow also for OpenJFX!
> -Florian

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