OpenJFX mirror at BitBucket?

Benjamin Gudehus hastebrot at
Wed Mar 18 07:52:17 UTC 2015

Maybe a crazy idea: If we have a main repository and a Bitbucket
mirror, we could add a hook on every commit to the main repository
that replicates the commits to the mirror.

If someone opens a pull request a reviewer (with commit rights to the
main repository) can review the pull and comment with "r+" (review
positive), then a bot will check if the pull is mergeable to the main
repository and runs the complete tests suite. If the pull is not
mergeable the bot will try to automatically merge changes to the
default branch from the main repository into the PRs branch. If the
merge or tests fail the bot will add a comment to the PR.

Mozilla Rust's bot "bors" is an example for a bot that works in a
similar way in practice. With ~50 merged commits last week [1]. There
is a recent article (yesterday) that writes about bors "successor"
[2]. Unfortunately bors is written with Git in mind. There is also a
viewable queue for the pull request auto-merge bot at [3].


On 3/18/15, Benjamin Gudehus <hastebrot at> wrote:
> Ah I see, that's reasonable.
> Using patch files sounds like the change sets will be really
> scattered. I first thought about an "official" Bitbucket mirror that
> acts as a gate and only accepts small pull requests where every author
> identified by his/her email address has accepted the OCA/CLA. There
> also is a synchronization between the main repository and the mirror,
> where the default branch is merged between both. I don't know if this
> is feasible, sounds like a lot of coordination work, e.g. the people
> from Node.js and its fork io.js have some problems with coordination
> between both repositories.
> On 3/18/15, dalibor topic <dalibor.topic at> wrote:
>> On 18.03.2015 06:50, Benjamin Gudehus wrote:
>>>  >then you have to spend weeks sorting out who contributed to the files
>>> in the pull request
>>> Is it common to have multiple authors for a single pull request?
>> It's fairly easy to create scenarios with multiple authors:
>> A forks away, patches, B forks from A, patches again and submits some
>> sort of 'pull request' to the mailing list incorporating both change
>> sets.
>> cheers,
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