The trouble with Skins

Tomas Mikula tomas.mikula at
Mon Mar 23 21:03:01 UTC 2015

Sure, it is a workaround that works, but I don't think type cast
should be the recommended way to do this (or to do anything).


On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 4:15 PM, Tom Eugelink <tbee at> wrote:
> On 23-3-2015 20:30, Tomas Mikula wrote:
>> Control does not know what API is available on the Skin
> I have many controls that require a skin that implements a certain interface
> (refresh() is often present). Granted, this is not something that is
> compiler checkable via the setSkin method, but it can fail quickly at
> runtime. Works for me.
> Tom

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