Questions/possible bugs about JDK 1.8.0 + OpenJFK on the PI 2

David Hill David.Hill at
Wed Mar 25 20:04:28 UTC 2015

On 3/25/15, 3:28 PM, Fabrizio Giudici wrote:

Two possibilities -

Did you up the allocated vram ? (I think this might not be a factor on newer Raspbians, they were going to a dynamic split).

Does X11 fill the full screen when it runs  ?

It would be interesting to know what FX thinks the screen is sized at, -Dprism.verbose=true


> On Wed, 25 Mar 2015 19:33:09 +0100, Kevin Rushforth <kevin.rushforth at> wrote:
>> Jasper just ran the 8u33 + javafx 8u60-ea earlier this week with no problems -- Ensemble8 demo just came up and ran fine. He did mention that he runs as root, so didn't run into the problem you are seeing with accessing /dev. You might try running as root or else changing the permissions.
> As I wrote, my application runs at full screen (stage.setFullScreen(true)), while Ensemble8 doesn't. Anyway, if I run Ensemble8 and press the maximise button, the window doesn't grow to the whole screen, but leaves some room at the right and bottom border, just like I see my app.
> Also - I changed Ensemble8 to run at fullscreen as follows:
> % diff ./src/EnsembleFullScreen/src/ensemble/ ./src/Ensemble/src/ensemble/
> 124c124
> <         //stage.setTitle("Ensemble");
> ---
>>         stage.setTitle("Ensemble");
> 138,140c138
> <             //stage.initStyle(StageStyle.UNDECORATED);
> <             stage.setFullScreen(true);
> <             System.err.println("full screen");
> ---
>>             stage.initStyle(StageStyle.UNDECORATED);
> Same video problems: it doesn't cover all the screen. I can also see that the upper left corner of the application is off-screen (the whole window seems to be shifted upward and leftward). It's not a monitor overscan problem (at least, not only an overscan problem), since I can see the characters in the underlying console at their right place.
> What I see is that keyboard navigation and mouse work with Ensemble2 modified at full-screen, so I'll look again at my code about this issue.
> If you want some more info, or screenshots, let me know. My app is also open source, so I can share the code, but I need to fix a couple of things so it doesn't depend on Maven snapshot artifacts (also, my Hudson is in maintenance and I can't confirm the app can be compiled from the outside world). I'll alter post to the binaries, so if someone wants to try it, just let me know.

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