Packaging a JFX app in a gradle build system

Robert Krüger krueger at
Thu Mar 26 16:36:54 UTC 2015


sorry for posting this here but I have tried Stackoverflow and the Oracle
JFX user forum first with no responses.

I am looking for the most sensible way to integrate packaging of a JavaFX
application into my Gradle build.

The plugin at does not look
like it's maintained and I was wondering if there was a better way than
manually hacking together a command line invocation of javapackager where I
have to manually resolve all the dependency stuff myself.

For OSX packaging I have successfully played around with the gradle plugin
at, which offers the level
of convenience that I am looking for but I thought this was something that
was within the scope of the Javapackager shipped with the JDK, which I
would like to use, mainly because it is a supported/maintained piece of
software and supports more than just OSX.

Any advice from people doing similar things or maybe the

Best regards,


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