Questions/possible bugs about JDK 1.8.0 + OpenJFK on the PI 2

Fabrizio Giudici Fabrizio.Giudici at
Thu Mar 26 18:40:41 UTC 2015

On Wed, 25 Mar 2015 21:04:28 +0100, David Hill <David.Hill at>  

> On 3/25/15, 3:28 PM, Fabrizio Giudici wrote:
> Two possibilities -
> Did you up the allocated vram ? (I think this might not be a factor on  
> newer Raspbians, they were going to a dynamic split).
> Does X11 fill the full screen when it runs  ?
> It would be interesting to know what FX thinks the screen is sized at,  
> -Dprism.verbose=true

Ok, I think I got it. Looking at /boot/config.txt I saw:

# NOOBS Auto-generated Settings:

I commented out all the overscan_* and set disable_overscan=0. Launching  
startx, I see that the graphics covers the full screen (some pixels are  
clipped out, so X11 would really require some overscan, even though a  
smaller amount). But now JavaFX covers the full screen. Also for JavaFX  
there are some pixels clipped out. This is not a problem for me: I think  
that it's up to the JavaFX application to correct for overscan, by simply  
putting some space around the true contents.

So, the thing now is fine for me. But I think that there is a real bug:  
JavaFX is not correctly computing the screen area when there's that  
overscan settings. It's probably a low priority one - maybe it would just  
make sense to warn people about it.

The mouse is ok, it was probably a connection fault. The keyboard  
navigation of buttons is still not working - still investigating.

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