PLEASE READ: Pushing changesets to FX 9-dev and 8u-dev

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Fri Mar 27 03:21:42 UTC 2015


The newer WebKit + compiler upgrade has been pushed to 8u-dev and we 
have done a successful test build on all platforms. Please let me know 
if you encounter any problems. This will be in 8u60-b09 EA.

As I mentioned in my "heads-up" email yesterday, the workflow for FX 
8u60 and 9 is changing starting next week. This is captured on the 
OpenJFX Wiki on the 8u60 [1] and 9 [2] pages (although it could use more 
detail). The highlights are as follows:

* The integration deadline for the 8u60 feature freeze build is 1am 
Pacific on Monday, Mar 30.

* I have done the final pull/merge from 8u-dev to 9-dev. On Monday 
morning I will manually import any changesets that are pushed to 8u-dev 
prior to 1am on Monday into 9-dev.

* Both the 8u-dev and 9-dev repos will be locked from 1am to 1pm Pacific 
on Monday. No changes of any kind should be pushed to either repo (other 
than to fix a broken build) after 1am Pacific Monday until unlocked at 
1pm Pacific Monday. This will give me a chance to manually export/import 
the remaining changes from 8u-dev to 9-dev.

* When the repo opens back up at 1pm Pacific, bug fixes should go into 
9-dev first and then to 8u-dev -- or else pushed at the same time if 
they are safe, simple fixes. Enhancements / features go into 9-dev only 
unless there is an explicit exception approved to backport them to 8u60 
(note that API changes for 9 still require approval).

Let me know if there are any questions about this.

-- Kevin


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