Canvas performance on Mac OS

Robert Krüger krueger at
Fri Mar 27 20:52:12 UTC 2015


I have a super-simple animation implemented using AnimationTimer and Canvas
where the canvas just performs a few draw operations, i.e. fills the screen
with a color and then draws and fills 2-3 circles and I have already
observed that each drawing operation I add, results in significant CPU load
(e.g. when I draw < 10 arcs in addition to the circles, the CPU load goes
up to 30-40% on a Mac Book Pro for a Canvas size of 600x600(!).

Now I tested the animation in full screen mode (only with a few circles)
and playback is unusable for a serious application (very choppy). Is 2D
canvas performance known to be very bad on Mac or am I doing something
wrong? Are there workarounds for this?



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