Unit testing recommendations for JavaFX

Adam Granger adam at adamish.com
Sat Mar 28 08:13:11 UTC 2015

Following migration to JavaFX I've been looking into a unit testing...
Possible solutions

 - "home brew" - just code up a few basic methods like "find a node with
given selector within given timeout", then build tests using those using
JUnit / Mockito. Also used @Rule approach from
http://stackoverflow.com/a/18988752/898289 for simple tests which didn't
require any asynchronous behaviour. I was previously using this approach
until discovered TestFX

 -  Jemmy - seems well documented. Last release 4 years ago - no updates
since JavaFX 2.2? Is this because its so good, or does anyone know
whether it has been scrapped? Any plans to update for JavaFX 8?

 - TestFX - just started dabbling with this - seems a lot better
maintained that Jemmy, however the new release 4 is still alpha and
documentation is a little sparse - https://github.com/TestFX/TestFX

 - Squish by FrogLogic - commercial product, but only seems suitable for
integration level testing. -

I'm interested in any recommendations this group might have or experiences
of solutions I've mentioned...  What solution do OpenJFX / other large FX
developments use for unit testing?

Many thanks,


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