ProgressBar has significant leaks

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Sun Mar 29 20:28:24 UTC 2015

If you can file a jira issue with a test case I would very happily look 
into this issue.


-- Jonathan

On 28/03/2015 7:28 a.m., Scott Palmer wrote:
> I searched the bug database and though ProgressBar leaks have been reported
> before, they are supposed to be fixed in 8u40.  I'm seeing tons of leaks in
> 8u40.
> Comparing heap dumps with jvisualvm I see in three minutes that my app has
> accumulated 11,000 WeakReference and BindingHelperObserver objects that
> appear to be associated with the ProgressBarSkin.
> The chain to the GC root looks like this:
> WeakReference
> BindingHelperObserver
> InvalidationListener[]
> ExpressionHelper$Generic
> ProgressBarSkin$1
> ProgressBarSkin
> ProgressBar
> My application needs to run for a long time.  (Streaming realtime video -
> i.e. a TV station broadcast for hours if not weeks at a time...)
> I suspect this may be a regression in 8u40.  I will try to get that
> confirmed.
> Scott

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