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> On May 6, 2015, at 5:39 PM, Michał Zegan <webczat_200 at> wrote:
> Hello.
> Sorry for asking it here, but I have too many lists I subscribed to
> and I don't want to join a new one just to ask this one question:
> I heard that java9 will (or might) make it possible to create a
> runtime image of an application consisting of all modules that it
> needs including parts of the standard library, and also the virtual
> machine.

What you are describing is the Jigsaw project, which has been demoed at several JavaOnes.  Some of the process bits can be found on this website: <>
> If what I've heard is right, what form will those images have?

Right now it looks suspiciously similar to what a Java 8 runtime image looks like.  But there are already some major differences.  JEP 201 and JEP 220 cover most of those changes at the moment.

> executable programs, or zip/tar/whatever archives containing all
> components, or native installers?

You can already do some of that today with Java 8 and the Java Packager.  You can create a file tree that can be zipped up that includes the runtime and all of the application files, as well as native installers for windows, linux, and mac that will install this file tree (or “image”).  

We haven’t announced many public plans for Java 9 yet (since many parts are still TBD) so I cannot comment on how jigsaw and java packager will integrate, but I would expect that they will work together in some fashion.

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