slightly ot: java9 runtime images

Tom Eugelink tbee at
Thu May 7 12:27:03 UTC 2015

On 7-5-2015 02:15, Danno Ferrin wrote:
> You can already do some of that today with Java 8 and the Java Packager.  You can create a file tree that can be zipped up that includes the runtime and all of the application files, as well as native installers for windows, linux, and mac that will install this file tree (or “image”).
> We haven’t announced many public plans for Java 9 yet (since many parts are still TBD) so I cannot comment on how jigsaw and java packager will integrate, but I would expect that they will work together in some fashion.

 From all the documentation I find, I understand that even though with Java packager you can create an executable including the (required parts of the) JVM, you still need to unpack and repack all the jars into a single jar. This has the problem of breaking signed jars. Classloader based solutions like onejar get into all kind of conflicts with possible other classloaders in the application.

It would be a major improvement (not only for JavaFX applications, but also standalone servers) if it would become possible to create a truly single distributable, without having to repack the jars. So either by automatic unpacking to a tmp and setting the classpath prior to stating java (cleaning up afterwards), or allowing jars-in-jars or jars-in-distributable.

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