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Michael Hoffer info at
Mon May 11 16:12:31 UTC 2015


I just tried to compile OpenJFX from the 8u-dev branch on OS X and Ubuntu.
Unfortunately, I'm experiencing several problems. Without WebKit everything
works fine. But with WebKit there are several problems:

1. the build script has a webview-deps:1.3 dependency which has not been
published on maven central.

If I revert the version number of the dependency to the 1.2 version (newest
version that is available) I run into the next problem:

2. WebKit does not compile on Ubuntu because of missing libraries (can be
fixed via sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev)

If I add the missing dependencies I can compile WebKit, but

3. the generated Java code contains errors (also happens on OS X), starting

error: cannot find symbol
import com.sun.webkit.Disposer;
  symbol:   class Disposer
  location: package com.sun.webkit

Are these known problems? I'd really love to compile my own OpenJFX version
as I did with the first Java 8 preview version where the compilation was
relatively easy to accomplish.

4. In my opinion the wiki should be updated with more recent information on
which os/library/compiler version is needed. On OS X for example, I needed
to use qtmake from qt5 since the qt4 version was missing the correct spec
file for clang. And it was generally unclear whether building on OS X 10.9
or 10.10 is supported.

Any help is appreciated! And I'm also willing to contribute documentation/
fixes if necessary.

Michael Hoffer

Dipl.-Math. Michael Hoffer

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