slightly ot: java9 runtime images

Tom Eugelink tbee at
Wed May 13 09:43:19 UTC 2015

On 7-5-2015 15:52, Danno Ferrin wrote:
>> It would be a major improvement (not only for JavaFX applications, but also standalone servers) if it would become possible to create a truly single distributable, without having to repack the jars. So either by automatic unpacking to a tmp and setting the classpath prior to stating java (cleaning up afterwards), or allowing jars-in-jars or jars-in-distributable.
> In 8u40 we added an option to install your application as service or daemon, so you can use the java packager to install your microsoervices.

I've spent some time with the JavaFX packager (though the javafx-maven-plugin) and I am able to generate:
- a distribution in the form of a lib directory and entry point jar
- an exe & msi that are both installers

What I am not able to generate is an exe that can simply be started. Right now my distribution consist of an all-in-one jar (jars-in-a-jar) that can simply be started. The JRE is also simply copied (when not present), so there is no need to install anything, just copy and start. I would really like to be able to generate such a standalone exe. Is this a limitation of the plugin or the packager? Since the plugin seems to be very close to the packager, I'm thinking the latter.


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