Maximum size of a canvas?

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Wed May 13 17:17:46 UTC 2015


is there a way to somewhat safely determine the maximum size of a 
canvas? I am using the canvas to display a report result in a custom 
report viewer control. The report can be zoomed in which basically means 
that I recreate the canvas with a bigger size (the canvas is inside a 

On previous experiments I discovered that it is probably not safe to use 
more than twice the screen width or height, according to


Turns out that might be too optimistic since I just had my application 
lock up: the application thread was waiting on a countdownlatch. Since 
this was in the debugger I could suspend all threads and the quantum 
thread was busy in


At that time the canvas size was 3396.0 x 2400.0 for a screen resolution 
of 1920 x 1200. I can reproduce this every time now. If I change the 
code so that the canvas size never exceeds either width or height of the 
screen (up to 1698.0 x 1200.0) the problem goes away but then of course 
I have less quality on a 400% zoom...


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