App hang and pulse logger stops

Pedro Duque Vieira pedro.duquevieira at
Thu May 14 10:40:30 UTC 2015

Hi Morris,

I've tried running with the flags you mention but it all stops producing
text when the application hangs and there's no information remaining which
would tell me why the application hangs.

I've also tried using the apps you talk about (jstack and visual vm) but I
can't make sense of the information they present.

The app that hangs is modellus - and the file that
makes it hang is attached (you have to wait a while after opening the file
until the app hangs).

Can you give me some more help, I'm still not aware of what could cause

Thanks, best regards,

Hi Pedro,
> You might want to try setting the flags "quantum.debug", "quantum.pulse"
> and "quantum.verbose" when launching your application.
> Prior to that you might want to try to get a stack trace of the hung
> application using jstack, Visual VM or doing a Ctrl-Break on Windows or
> Control-\ on Mac.
> --mm

Pedro Duque Vieira

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