Off topic: named parameters

Tom Eugelink tbee at
Thu May 14 21:53:40 UTC 2015

Sorry it took me a while to respond, I had a talk to prepare for.

On 28-4-2015 08:22, Mario Torre wrote:
> On Tue, 2015-04-21 at 09:52 +0200, Tom Eugelink wrote:
>> Totally off topic, I apologise, but the subscribers to this list are the type of people who may have the experience I seek.
>> I've been trying to pitch the concept of named parameters for Java 9, but somehow my JEP is never picked up. I emailed it in twice. Has anyone ever successfully handed in a JEP?
>> Tom
> I personally think this makes the language more verbose with little
> benefit, but that's just me maybe.

That indeed is open for discussion.

> A JEP usually means you will need to do the work yourself, unless you
> can make such a strong case to get someone to work on the task for you
> (one such example, lambdas). In that regard no one will "pick up" your
> JEP, you need to actively push.

Hm, I'm not sure I should be working on the compiler, that is scary and daunting. But I did expect someone to respond on the handing in of the JEP, mainly based on quotes like this: "/We use the current JEP Process to collect, review, sort, and evaluate proposals for enhancements to the JDK. The ongoing result of this process is the JDK Roadmap, a collection of feature ideas and other proposals for consideration by JDK Release Projects and related efforts./" But after your explanation and rereading the JEP 1 and 2 it seems real life is different from the mental image that this quote puts in my head.

Thanks for being so complete, I'll see what I can wrestle up via an discussion.


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