MediaPlayer - Out of sync video & audio when playing from slow medium

Rafal Leibzig rafaljfx at
Fri May 22 10:25:42 UTC 2015

Hi, my friends use MediaPlayer in their javafx application to play videos
(mp4, 50fps) from DVD.
They have noticed out of sync video/audio in such case.
Problem doesn't exist when file is loaded from HDD.
I know that it is because of slow medium like DVD (or poor quality DVD disc
/ bad recording)

My question is what to do in such cases?

My PoC was proxing static files by HttpServer (bundled in JRE) by path: "
It worked for me, media player plays video correctly with buffering, but
this solution has disadventeges:
- more CPU
- problems with seeking video
- complexity

Any other suggestions?

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