Building Scene Builder

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Sun May 24 14:56:24 UTC 2015

Where can I find the instructions for building Scene Builder from source?

I ran Ant in the apps/scenebuilder folder and it produced
SceneBuilderApp.jar in the 'SceneBuilderApp/dist' folder.  But where's the
rest of it?  It looks like the javapackager part does run automatically, so
I don't have a native executable with a nice icon and all those finishing
touches that make it a "real" app.

I did notice the build output print a "jfx-deployment:" step, but I guess
that is something else. I haven't used Ant in years, so I'm a little
rusty.  I was actually surprised that there wasn't a Gradle script in the
apps/SceneBuilder folder.  I thought perhaps the apps are just using the
default NetBeans project format.  I then noticed when loading the project
in NetBeans that I didn't get the little "FX" decal on the coffee cup icon,
so it isn't a NetBean "JavaFX" project.

In the deployment section of the NetBeans project properties the "Enable
Native Packaging" option is not selected.  So where does the native
packaging happen?

I took a look on the wiki but I didn't find anything to do with building
Scene Builder.



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