Integrated vs. Discrete Graphics on OS X

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Mon May 25 15:30:23 UTC 2015

I've noticed that it is not possible to run a Java GUI app (Swing or
JavaFX) on a MacBook Pro without it activating the discrete graphics and
therefore reducing battery life.

I believe it is automatically triggered by the use of OpenGL.  Unless you
explicitly code for the integrated adapter, I don't think you can use
OpenGL without the discrete adapter kicking in.  It would be nice if
packaged app bundles done with the javapackager had an entry in the
Info.plist that would signal that the application does not require the
discrete adapter.

This appears to already be filed as a JDK bug at but it doesn't look like
it is getting much attention.  Is it likely to be addressed for 9 or an 8uX



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