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David Hill David.Hill at
Tue May 26 17:48:25 UTC 2015

Kevin, and anyone else that wants to dive into glass native code.


proposed for 8u60

this little beastie took me way to long to come up with a "simple" isolated fix. And my last bug was a debugging statement that I would only very, very occasionally hit. There are quite a few issues that this fix addresses:
    * MOVE without a PRESS
    * touch points that disappear without a UP
    * windows breaks touch events over the visible windows (which we cannot support)
    * we need to clear out touch points when a popup goes away.

The above fix works quite well (was not able to get the failure case in 5 minutes of semi-random tapping), and hopefully will handle the other reported touch screens out there. The code was adapted from principles in Monocle which has seem many more touchscreens and their "features".

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