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Wed May 27 14:04:16 UTC 2015

On 5/24/15, 10:56 AM, Scott Palmer wrote:
> Where can I find the instructions for building Scene Builder from source?
> I ran Ant in the apps/scenebuilder folder and it produced
> SceneBuilderApp.jar in the 'SceneBuilderApp/dist' folder.  But where's the
> rest of it?  It looks like the javapackager part does run automatically, so
> I don't have a native executable with a nice icon and all those finishing
> touches that make it a "real" app.
I am in the process of adding a "run" command to the ant script. We do not have plans at the moment to add a packaging step.

The run step at the moment is (subject to more review in the next week)

<target name="run" depends="jar-sb">
<java classname=""
<pathelement location="../../build/sdk/rt/lib/ext/jfxrt.jar"/>
<pathelement location="SceneBuilderApp/dist/SceneBuilderApp.jar"/>
<pathelement location="SceneBuilderKit/dist/SceneBuilderKit.jar"/>

or with a full JDK:
     java -cp SceneBuilderApp/dist/SceneBuilderApp.jar:SceneBuilderKit/dist/SceneBuilderKit.jar
> I did notice the build output print a "jfx-deployment:" step, but I guess
> that is something else. I haven't used Ant in years, so I'm a little
> rusty.  I was actually surprised that there wasn't a Gradle script in the
> apps/SceneBuilder folder.  I thought perhaps the apps are just using the
> default NetBeans project format.  I then noticed when loading the project
> in NetBeans that I didn't get the little "FX" decal on the coffee cup icon,
> so it isn't a NetBean "JavaFX" project.
When I added in the building of the apps in the overall tree, I was constrained by several things that gradle does not (or did not) play nicely with.
We wanted to treat most of the items as independent sub projects, and at least some of them have ant scripts that needed to be included in the samples bundles.

To shorten the story, after a long while of tinkering, I found that for our purposes, ant worked better for us. Gradle imports the ant projects, and allows us to call into them.


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