Building Scene Builder

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Wed May 27 19:29:27 UTC 2015

Yeah, I fixed the last remaining bug that prevented our building with 
gradle 2.x a couple months ago. I occasionally use gradle 2.3 for my 
builds of FX for sanity testing, so will upgrade to gradle 2.4. Once 
8u60 ZBB is past that might be a good time to make the switch in FX 9.

-- Kevin

Jonathan Giles wrote:
> I should note that on my main development machine I build openjfx 
> using the latest gradle release - 2.4 I think. As far as I can see 
> there are no issues with this.
> -- Jonathan
> Sent from a touch device. Please excuse my brevity.
> On 28 May 2015 05:21:49 GMT+12:00, Kevin Rushforth 
> <kevin.rushforth at> wrote:
>     Sven Reimers wrote:
>         So, is this a call for community and Gradle experts please
>         helps us? We are able (and want) to upgrade to a newer gradle
>         version? 
>     Not for FX 8u. We will upgrade FX 9 to a newer gradle (e.g., .2.3 or 
>     later). See:
>     -- Kevin
>         We want to share the whole pile of dirty gradle scripts to get
>         you started? Sounds interesting to me... -Sven Am 27.05.2015
>         18:48 schrieb "David Hill" <David.Hill at>:
>             On 5/27/15, 12:08 PM, Scott Palmer wrote:
>                 On May 27, 2015, at 10:04 AM, David
>                 Hill<David.Hill at> wrote:
>                     On 5/24/15, 10:56 AM, Scott Palmer wrote:
>                         Where can I find the instructions for building
>                         Scene Builder from source? I ran Ant in the
>                         apps/scenebuilder folder and it produced
>                         SceneBuilderApp.jar in the
>                         'SceneBuilderApp/dist' folder. But where's the
>                         rest of it? It looks like the javapackager
>                         part does run automatically, so I don't have a
>                         native executable with a nice icon and all
>                         those finishing touches that make it a "real"
>                         app. 
>                     I am in the process of adding a "run" command to
>                     the ant script. We do not have plans at the moment
>                     to add a packaging step. 
>                 What happened to the original packaging step? The
>                 Oracle download is a packaged app, was it a manual
>                 step or something? I can’t even find the application
>                 icon in the source. Our internal build has 2 parts -
>                 OpenJFX and the "closed" stuff. The 
>             "closed" stuff has a lot of legacy steps that we have not
>             had the time or inclination to move to the OpenJFX side.
>             (after all, working with a complex chunk of delicate
>             gradle/ant code for a long time tends to make your eyes
>             bleed). But occasionally we get some motivation and we
>             move another bit of functionality over. I did ask our
>             packager guy if he could sketch out how to do this
>             standalone, so it might happen.
>                 I did notice the build output print a
>                 "jfx-deployment:" step, but I guess
>                         that is something else. I haven't used Ant in
>                         years, so I'm a little rusty. I was actually
>                         surprised that there wasn't a Gradle script in
>                         the apps/SceneBuilder folder. I thought
>                         perhaps the apps are just using the default
>                         NetBeans project format. I then noticed when
>                         loading the project in NetBeans that I didn't
>                         get the little "FX" decal on the coffee cup
>                         icon, so it isn't a NetBean "JavaFX" project. 
>                     When I added in the building of the apps in the
>                     overall tree, I was constrained by several things
>                     that gradle does not (or did not) play nicely
>                     with. We wanted to treat most of the items as
>                     independent sub projects, and at least some of
>                     them have ant scripts that needed to be included
>                     in the samples bundles. To shorten the story,
>                     after a long while of tinkering, I found that for
>                     our purposes, ant worked better for us. Gradle
>                     imports the ant projects, and allows us to call
>                     into them. 
>                 Fair enough, there’s only so much tinkering one can
>                 take, I’ve been through a fair bit of Gradle tinkering
>                 myself. (My hope is that one day OpenJDK + OpenJFX
>                 will build simply with ‘grade build', using Gradle’s
>                 support for native builds. Especially on Windows where
>                 it would simplify things a lot if you can avoid
>                 dependencies on Cygwin or MinGW. Gradle’s native
>                 support is still incubating so it is a bit early to go
>                 there, but I’ve used it recently for some Java +JNI
>                 projects on Linux, Mac, and Windows (with Visual
>                 Studio, not GCC) and it actually worked quite well.) 
>             We switched to gradle early on after a long time with a
>             big pile'o ant scripts. Major rework for that. We were
>             limited by the gradle versions we could get at the time.
>             Some choices like what we could do in the apps dir were
>             limited by that. More major rework when we moved as much
>             as we could to OpenJFX. Now, if we had a dedicated build
>             engineer we might be able to rebuild our current gradle to
>             use the new features. But as we only have part time on
>             about 3 guys willing to dive into that build mess that
>             each have a huge pile 'o bugs... :-) -- David
>             Hill<David.Hill at> Java Embedded Development "A
>             man's feet should be planted in his country, but his eyes
>             should survey the world." -- George Santayana (1863 - 1952) 

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