Scene Builder - How to add a theme or load a css on startup / Where to contribute

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Thu May 28 09:21:44 UTC 2015


First off: Thanks to Gluon for providing Scene Builder installers!

We are currently evaluating how to integrate Scene Builder in our design process. We have a fairly large application with lots of forms. There will be multiple themes for the end user to choose from. We would like to make it easy for our designers to preview these themes directly in Scene Builder.

I see that it is possible to choose a preview theme over the menu in Preview > JavaFX Theme. 
Is it possible to add our own themes here? Maybe import them together with a control library?

I also noticed the possibility to add scene style sheets for the preview. Unfortunately Scene Builder forgets what I have loaded on every restart (Win7). Can I load scene style sheets on starting, i.e. with command line arguments?

I read that Gluon hosts a repo with the Scene Builder sources on Bitbucket parallel to OpenJFX. If we would contribute, my first sense would be to contribute to Gluon, as this is where the build we use gets made. Or should we contribute to OpenJFX, as this will be pulled to the Gluon Repo? In any case, where is the right place to create bug reports or feature requests for Scene Builder? The JavaFX-Jira or Gluon Bitbucket Issues?

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