Compiling OpenJFX + WebKit

Anton V. Tarasov anton.tarasov at
Thu May 28 16:42:27 UTC 2015

Hi Michael,

[Sorry for the delay...]

On 11.05.2015 19:12, Michael Hoffer wrote:
> Hi,
> I just tried to compile OpenJFX from the 8u-dev branch on OS X and Ubuntu.
> Unfortunately, I'm experiencing several problems. Without WebKit everything
> works fine. But with WebKit there are several problems:
> 1. the build script has a webview-deps:1.3 dependency which has not been
> published on maven central.
> If I revert the version number of the dependency to the 1.2 version (newest
> version that is available) I run into the next problem:

As Kevin mentioned you can't build it with webview-deps 1.2 (except may be for OSX where the new 
deps weren't changed).

On Linux webview-deps 1.3 additionally contain ICU 48 libs for static linking:


   a list of related headers

You can take the sources from here and try to build them on your own:

> 2. WebKit does not compile on Ubuntu because of missing libraries (can be
> fixed via sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev)
> If I add the missing dependencies I can compile WebKit, but

Does it mean you found the missing ICU static libs in libqt4-dev?...

> 3. the generated Java code contains errors (also happens on OS X), starting
> with
> openjfx/rt-8u-dev/modules/web/build/linux/Release/WebCore/generated/java/com/sun/webkit/dom/
> error: cannot find symbol
> import com.sun.webkit.Disposer;
>                       ^
>    symbol:   class Disposer
>    location: package com.sun.webkit

The sources in:


are copied from:


These sources depend on the main sources in: rt/modules/web/src/main/java.

The build process goes in the following order:

1. java sources: rt/modules/web/src/main/java
2. native sources: rt/modules/web/src/main/native
3. generated java sources: rt/modules/web/build/linux/Release/WebCore/generated/java

So, on the 3rd step all the main java compiled sources should already be put into:


including the com.sun.webkit.Disposer class. So, please check you have it there.

Also, please make sure you have Gradle v1.8 as recommended on the wiki page.

In case you continue facing issues with the generated java sources, please send me the full build 
log file...

> Are these known problems? I'd really love to compile my own OpenJFX version
> as I did with the first Java 8 preview version where the compilation was
> relatively easy to accomplish.
> 4. In my opinion the wiki should be updated with more recent information on
> which os/library/compiler version is needed. On OS X for example, I needed
> to use qtmake from qt5 since the qt4 version was missing the correct spec
> file for clang. And it was generally unclear whether building on OS X 10.9
> or 10.10 is supported.
> Any help is appreciated! And I'm also willing to contribute documentation/
> fixes if necessary.

(Kevin already responded to this point.)

Thank you for the reporting problems!

With regards,

> Regards,
> Michael Hoffer

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