Bug when combining ListView and SortedList?

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at oracle.com
Mon Nov 16 19:53:38 UTC 2015

> Have been reporting variants (and ranting and suggesting fixes) for 
> ages ... and now seeing that some of those reports got tagged 
> "nicetohave" ... doooohhh

You are misinterpreting the 'nicetohave' label as a negative. The actual 
fact is that the 'nicetohave' label is applied to issues that we want to 
fix for JDK 9, but were too low priority in their current state and 
therefore would by default have been retargeted away from JDK 9.

In other words, I purposefully added 'nicetohave' to a lot of the 
selection model issues I have assigned to me, so that I can try my very 
best to get them fixed in JDK 9. The alternative would have been to have 
them be retargeted away.

Perhaps we should have called the label 'savefromrelegation'.

-- Jonathan

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