Bug when combining ListView and SortedList?

fastegal at swingempire.de fastegal at swingempire.de
Tue Nov 17 12:55:14 UTC 2015


thanks for the clarification, I indeed misunderstood the new tag.

On the other hand: not all (related) selection issues are tagged as such,
are those in danger of not being fixed for 9?

Anyway, all of them _could_ be fixed in one stroke by throwing away
the evil MultipleSelectionModelBase, particularly its usage of
ReadOnlyUnbackedObservableList which forces those ominous manual
change notifications (which are not trivial to get right).

Instead, implement a bitset-backed observableList with the available
(since 8, very sound in my experience) collections infrastructure
that does all the heavy lifting plus a coupled (kind-of transformed)
items list. You know where to find a POC replacement :-)


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