JavaFX PulseLogger with JFR (Java Flight Recorder)

Benjamin Gudehus hastebrot at
Wed Nov 18 13:32:57 UTC 2015

I tried the flight recorder once, but have not much experience with it. The
console pulse logger is invaluable!

I'd really be able to visualize the phases more, in a way development tools
of modern web browsers do. Either a separate application like the flight
recorder or a separate stage to show the phases like on the diagrams in the
hands one presentation a few years ago about the pulse logger. I use a
custom logger to be able to return the render duration to my JUnit tests. I
can also display the status of the renderer in the status bar, but this is
tricky because changing the status bar of cause triggers new events.

The implementation of the pulse logger also needs some cleanup.

On Nov 17, 2015 11:55 AM, "Johan Vos" <johan at> wrote:

> I am using -Djavafx.pulseLogger=true often and I'm very happy with this.
> - Johan
> 2015-11-14 0:18 GMT+01:00 Kevin Rushforth <kevin.rushforth at>:
> > Have any JavaFX developers on the list used JFR (Java Flight Recorder)
> > with the JavaFX pulse logger? If so, how useful has it been to you?
> >
> > Or are most of you (of those who use pulse logger for debugging) getting
> > what you need from the PrintLogger, which is enabled by
> > "-Djavafx.pulseLogger=true"?
> >
> > -- Kevin
> >
> >

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