Java 9 Questions

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Thu Nov 19 19:49:36 UTC 2015

I was just looking at the Java 9 EA pages and have a few questions (mostly JavaFX related).

- There is a separate download for Java 9 + Jigsaw, but it has a much earlier build number (b86).  Is Jigsaw not included with the  of the latest (b92) download?

- When looking at the Java 9 JEPs I see several that are UI related:
  - JEP 251: Multi-resolution Images
  - JEP 258: HarfBuzz Font-Layout Engine
  - JEP 265: Marlin Graphics Renderer

All of these refer to Java2D or AWT.   How is JavaFX affected?  Is there no common ground for things like multi-resolution images and font layout for example?  

It is already cumbersome to deal with things like ImageIO because it depends on Java2d images and conversion is required to use JavaFX images.  How does Jigsaw help with this?  I hope I don’t have to pull in AWT/Swing just to load an image with ImageIO so that I can show it in my JavaFX application. (Too bad images or some base image class could not be made neutral to the UI toolkit being used.)
I think there must be at least three different image loading mechanisms in the JDK now.  Are there plans to consolidate this?

Just curious where things are heading.



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