JavaFX dependency injection

Nitin Malik nmalik1 at
Sat Nov 21 21:59:48 UTC 2015

This was asked recently (
but I didnt see this addressed.

Are there plans to have better integration with DI frameworks for views and

For example, we have scenarios where multiple instances of the same view
and controllers need to instantiated with different values. This is a
frequent question that pops up on Stackoverflow and there apparently is no
standard answer. It would help if suggested recipes and guidelines are made

The solutions we have adopted -
1. Use a controller factory to lookup Spring bean (this isnt ideal because
the factory needs to be aware of the bean name).
1a. For singleton controllers, the lookup can be done via class name.
2. Use a controller factory that holds a reference to a controller that was
constructed in code with the various parameters.
3. An Afterburner-like framework that scans controller for an annotation
and injects the values.


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