JavaFX dependency injection

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Mon Nov 23 08:38:39 UTC 2015

JavaFX is a UI-Toolkit and not an UI-Framework, JavaFX provides all the
hooks needed to integrate with whatever DI-Container (Sping, Guice, ...)
you want it to run on.

I would go for 1. as the general recommendation and there are frameworks
out there who do exactly this type of thing.


On 21.11.15 22:59, Nitin Malik wrote:
> This was asked recently (
> but I didnt see this addressed.
> Are there plans to have better integration with DI frameworks for views and
> controllers?
> For example, we have scenarios where multiple instances of the same view
> and controllers need to instantiated with different values. This is a
> frequent question that pops up on Stackoverflow and there apparently is no
> standard answer. It would help if suggested recipes and guidelines are made
> available.
> The solutions we have adopted -
> 1. Use a controller factory to lookup Spring bean (this isnt ideal because
> the factory needs to be aware of the bean name).
> 1a. For singleton controllers, the lookup can be done via class name.
> 2. Use a controller factory that holds a reference to a controller that was
> constructed in code with the various parameters.
> 3. An Afterburner-like framework that scans controller for an annotation
> and injects the values.
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> Nitin

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