TableCell.getTableRow() return value

Lawrence Parker larry at
Wed Nov 25 14:33:04 UTC 2015

Seems like getTableRow() should return TableRow<S> instead of just TableRow.  That way I wouldn’t have to cast getItem(). <>

    public void updateItem(Boolean isEnabled, boolean empty) {
        TestCase testCase = (TestCase)getTableRow().getItem();

This would be nicer:

        TestCase testCase = getTableRow().getItem();

Seems like an easy change to the getTableRow() method:

public class TableCell<S,T> extends IndexedCell<T> {
    public final TableRow getTableRow() { return tableRow.get(); }

Was this an oversight, or is there a reason that getTableRow() needs to return TableRow instead of TableRow<S>?

Thanks for any help.


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