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Tom Eugelink tbee at tbee.org
Mon Nov 30 21:52:33 UTC 2015

There indeed seems to be negative buzz around JavaFX, and Oracle stopping with promoting it, is indeed confusing, at the very least. And it is noticeable everywhere; without wanting to wine, I really do have a nice JavaFX / JFXtras presentation, but it being declined on all conferences for me is a signal about the interest of the community in JavaFX. And let's be honest, Oracle's whole "let's do cloud and forget there are companies doing this many many years already" U turn is not contributing to the mood as well.

OTOH, from what I hear VW has chosen to use JavaFX for it's in car systems. And I have just been on an interview for a traffic management system where they chose JavaFX over web based. So there also is adoption. But it will be slow. My gut says: give it time, and a bit of TLC promotionwise would not be bad.


On 30-11-2015 21:35, Florian Brunner wrote:
> I read this article as well some days ago. It has some very valid points, but
> all in all I think JavaFX is still the best option out there.
> That said I was quite surprised that I got confronted today with the very same
> article by colleagues of mine who are in charge with company-wide adoption of
> various technologies. They tend to agree with the article. Currently JavaFX is
> still just on our technology radar, but not promoted yet. And now they start
> thinking JavFX (and probably thus Java on desktop not even speaking about
> mobile platforms) won't make it and it's getting hard to convince them that
> JavaFX is actually a great option.
> Now reading this mail of yours, this article really seems to make waves.
> -Florian
> Am Montag, 30. November 2015, 17.13:10 schrieb Dirk @ Google:
>> Hi there,
>> there has been quite a shake-up in the JavaFX community last week when Shay
>> Almog (Codename One) first responded to a blog of mine
>> (dlemmermann.wordpress.com) with a lot of negative comments regarding
>> JavaFX and its future. He then followed up with a long blog asking the
>> question „Should Oracle Spring-Clean JavaFX“
>> (https://www.codenameone.com/blog/should-oracle-spring-clean-javafx.html
>> <https://www.codenameone.com/blog/should-oracle-spring-clean-javafx.html>).
>> I do understand that it is often a good strategy to not comment on stuff
>> like this because commenting would just draw attention to it, but we have
>> now reached the point where potential customers are questioning the
>> sustainability of a JavaFX-based solution. They are now wondering if JavaFX
>> will still be around in a few years. In my specific case the customer
>> demands an answer from me and my partners within the next week, and if not
>> convincing they will go with something / someone else. We will loose a
>> contract worth around one million dollars because of one blog written by
>> Shay with no follow-up from Oracle.
>> What is needed is an official statement from Oracle / Oracle employees /
>> JavaFX development team, saying that Oracle is still committed to JavaFX
>> and that it will still be around for a while. Can somebody please do that?
>> Dirk

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