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Johan Vos johan.vos at
Thu Oct 1 08:57:09 UTC 2015

I have issues displaying some text with special characters on mobile
The text doesn't appear in a control (e.g. Label), and I saw this in the
log output:
"Only simple text supported."

Searching the source code for this, this occurs in

com.sun.javafx.font.freetype.HBGlyphLayout.layout(TextRun run, PGFont font,
FontStrike strike, char[] text) {
    System.out.println("Only simple text supported.");

This method gets called when TextRun.isComplex() returns true for the given
As a test, I explicitly disallowed this method to return true, thereby
preventing the call to HBGlyphLayout.layout().
The special characters are now displayed fine.
However, this doesn't sound like a good solution to me. There must be a
reason why those characters are rendered differently, and there is also
probably a reason why this isn't implemented in the freetype package?


- Johan

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