[9] Review request for 8135304: ERROR_MEDIA_INVALID when playing MP4 file

Alexander Matveev alexander.matveev at oracle.com
Thu Oct 1 21:28:49 UTC 2015

Hi Kirill,


This issue affects all MP4 files with header at the end of file and when 
file is larger then 10 megs.

- javasource was not supporting GST_QUERY_SEEKING and thus qtdemux 
assumed that file is not seekable and thus was not able to find header.
- After fixing above file still was not played, because javasource was 
not able to send NEW SEGMENT after it send EOS. Fixed by flushing source 
pad on javasource.
- Also, we need to clear pending events in progressbuffer when seek is 
performed, otherwise it breaks playback intermittently by sending wrong 
sequence of events.


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