In(Sanity) Testing Mondays

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Mon Oct 26 13:54:31 UTC 2015

Due to JavaOne I won't be online to send the "unlock" message at 1pm PDT 
today, so please consider it unlocked at that time.

Also, testing might be a little light today because of JavaOne, which 
should be fine since only 1 change -- the fix for 8089424 -- has gone in 
since last week's build (the syncing in of the changes for the October 
CPU release was integrated into the build for last week).

-- Kevin

Vadim Pakhnushev wrote:
> Reminder, Monday is our weekly sanity testing.
> You can find your testing assignment at:
> Also please remember that the repo will be locked from 1am PDT until 
> 1pm PDT.
> Happy testing!
> Thanks,
> Vadim

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