Windows Hi-DPI

Chris Nahr chris.nahr at
Fri Oct 30 06:33:57 UTC 2015

Hi-DPI is supported on Windows, assuming you have 8u60 or later (better 
8u66 or later so a ComboBox doesn't freeze the application!). On my Dell 
XPS-15 with Windows 10 and 4K displays JavaFX also uses hardware 
acceleration, in this case with the Intel 4600 integrated GPU.

However, this causes frequent Intel display driver crashes and restarts 
because the Windows 10 drivers are still so immature. Same happens in 
WPF applications, so it's not specific to JavaFX. I've grabbed my driver 
directly from the Intel website. Possibly your system runs an older 
driver that causes JavaFX not to use HA.

Given how unstable it currently is on Windows 10, that might not be a 
bad idea. But of course you could try manually updating and see what 
happens to JavaFX performance.

Cheers, Chris

On 2015-10-28 17:24:38, Felix Bembrick <felix.bembrick at> wrote:
> I just installed JavaFX on my new Windows 10 machine which is extremely powerful but has two 4K monitors and while everything looks great and the right "size", the performance is very sluggish to say the least.
> Is this because Hi-DPI is not yet supported in JavaFX on Windows?
> Thanks,
> Fix

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