MenuBar in osx to set About, Preferences, Quit

Michael Hall mik3hall at
Wed Sep 2 19:28:41 UTC 2015

> On Sep 2, 2015, at 9:05 AM, johns at wrote:
> What is the method for a pure javafx app to control the osx application
> menu bar (e.g. About, Preferences, Quit, etc)?
> Please respond with only methods that do swing, awt, or eawt, as I have
> not seen this published anywhere.

I’m not quite following this. Maybe there is another eawt, but when I see that I think of the Apple API’s for this which are I believe are still supported. 
Is this what you mean?
These were used in the past on Apple jvm’s to provide this functionality to java app’s and were I think open sourced and given to the openjdk project when Apple turned over it’s java related. 
Is this what you mean by eawt? And are you saying this is or is not acceptable. 
That support has nothing to do with javapackager as far as I know. 
It was indicated to me at some point that support for these legacy Apple API’s now informally belongs to the awt group. Also that they would probably continue to be available in Java 9 as part of the Desktop module? If I remember right. 
Michael Hall

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