Use of clipping in TabPaneSkin

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Sun Sep 6 21:28:30 UTC 2015

Hi Pedro,

from my understanding there is no automatic clipping feature on control 
bounds. If the tabpane could not grow to accomadate its content, the 
content would overlap the tabpane bounds if it is bigger. You can find a 
similar pattern on the titledpane for example.


On 06.09.2015 23:06, Pedro Duque Vieira wrote:
> Hi,
> Yes but isn't that redundant, you're setting the clip equal to the width
> and height of the component so to me it seems that it's not doing anything.
> I would understand if the clipping area was for a part of the component,
> not for the whole component.
> Probably I'm missing something.
> Thanks, best regards,

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