Internal scene graph redraw handling

Dr. Michael Paus mp at
Tue Sep 8 18:14:23 UTC 2015

I want to do some performance tuning of a JavaFX application of mine but 
I can start with that I have to learn a little bit about the scene graph 
redraw handling.
Maybe there is someone on this list who can help me there.

What I want to achieve is a super smooth animation (movement) of my 
scene graph.
Let's assume the scene graph itself can be redrawn fast enough in less 
than 1/60s.
In addition let's assume the scene graph contains a canvas which only 
has to be
updated from time to time but an update of the canvas takes 
substantially longer.
Let's say it takes 1s.

When an update of the canvas is in progress will this delay the next 
pulse until all
internal drawing within the canvas is finished? From my observations I 
think so.

If I submit my drawing calls to the canvas in smaller chunks via 
calls will these also delay the next pulse or will the execution of 
these calls be
delayed in favor of the scene graph update?

I hope my goal has become clear. I would like to be able to spread the 
update of
the canvas over several scene graph redraw cycles so that an animation 
of the
canvas stays smooth although the content builds up more slowly.


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