Monocle touch calibration

Lars Lindholm lars.lindholm at
Wed Sep 9 07:59:55 UTC 2015


I'm trying to do a touch screen calibration procedure where the user 
clicks on 4 points and I calculate the edge values for the touchscreen.

To set the touchscreen edge values I use:
monocle.input.<product ID>.<property>=<value>
As  described here:

That seems to work and monocle seems to use my new values.

The problem is that when monocle is started it get's some default values 
for screen edge. The result is that the coordinates I use to calculate 
the calibration is already scaled with a unknown scale.
So my calculated values are wrong and when I use them I only
get touch events for part of the screen. Most likely due to the
other part being out of range.

To solve this is it either possible to get the raw unscaled touch points 
or to get the currently used edge values?

monocle.input.<product ID>.<property>=<value>
system properties are not set to the default values being used.

Best regards
Lars Lindholm

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