Most JavaFX apps unusable on Windows 10 (combo boxes bug)

Guillaume Anctil drakkoon at
Mon Sep 14 13:32:32 UTC 2015


I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and I now have to resort to using a VM to
use most of my JavaFX based apps since combo boxes causes the applications
to hang when used.

It seems like this bug as been reported but its cause might have been
misrepresented and/or its severity misjudged. ( &
for reference)

After some testing, it seems like it only hangs when a touch screen is
present. On a surface pro, I'm not quite sure how to disable it, so it
becomes quite unusable, but using a USB-based touch screen, unplugging it
stops the freezes.

A workaround was found for using the mouse:

combo.addEventFilter(MouseEvent.MOUSE_PRESSED, (evt) -> {

If the focus is set before opening the popup, all is fine until you use a
touch event.

Has anyone else encountered the issue yet? And is there another workaround
that would let the touch events work? I still haven't found anything that


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