8u66 Windows 64-bit packager - install succeeds but application fails to start !

Fabrice MAUPIN fmaupin at iback.fr
Tue Sep 15 07:31:34 UTC 2015



My JavaFX Application is installed correctly in Windows 8 (64 bit) but
refuses to run !


I use the JavaFX native packager to produce native install bundles for
Windows (from an Eclipse / Ant script).


I create my Windows bundle from a 64-bit Windows 7 build machine - JDK used
: 8u66 b02 early access - 64-bit Windows.


Unfortunately there is no logs generated by Windows ! So it's difficult to
know the cause of the crash.


For information this is the list of DLL installed :






My problem is similar to this issue (Java Bug system) :


But this bug normally was fixed !


Any ideas ?


Fabrice MAUPIN



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