Most JavaFX apps unusable on Windows 10 (combo boxes bug)

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Tue Sep 15 16:53:28 UTC 2015

We will take a look at this right away. If it's as serious as you say 
then this is a P1 issue.

-- Kevin

Chris Nahr wrote:
> Yes, I can confirm this bug is present when running on a Dell XPS 15 
> which does have both a touchscreen and an integrated Intel GPU for 
> desktop display (HD 4600). The application hangs even though I'm using 
> a mouse and not the touchscreen to click on the combo box.
> That's a catastrophic bug that needs to be fixed in an emergency 
> update. Many new Windows laptops have Intel GPUs with touchscreens 
> that you can't disconnect, and Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 to all 
> of them. Apparently no JavaFX app with a ComboBox can run on them now!
> -- Chris
> Guillaume Anctil <drakkoon at> wrote...
>> I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and I now have to resort to using a 
>> VM to
>> use most of my JavaFX based apps since combo boxes causes the 
>> applications
>> to hang when used.
>> It seems like this bug as been reported but its cause might have been
>> misrepresented and/or its severity misjudged. (
>> &
>> for reference)

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