Smooth continuous scrolling in JavaFX

Dr. Michael Paus mp at
Sun Sep 27 15:43:02 UTC 2015

I have a MacBook Pro with a touch enabled trackpad. When I open a large 
image with the Mac preview app I can let the image slide softly over the 
screen with a two finger gesture. Now I would like to do the same inside 
a JavaFX app but this doesn't seems to work. The image jumps in roughly 
10 pixel increments which just looks ugly. I experimented with the 
JavaFX gestures but I did not get it to move smoothly. The scroll events 
are always delivered in very coarse intervals in contrast to the zoom 
and rotation events where this works perfectly.

So I have the following questions here:

Is this behavior the same on all touch enabled platforms or is this a 
Mac issue?

Is there anything I can do to get more fine grained scroll events?

Why is there such a difference between the scroll and the other events 
(zoom, rotate)?

Is this a bug or a feature?


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